Monday, April 1, 2013

March 2013

We leave Florida tomorrow morning. Here is a slide show of our past month. Music is "Sailing On" by the Derek Trucks Band. We are sad, but on to new adventures.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

And another month flew past...

Where did February go? We had a busy month in retirement land. 

Here is my latest slide show. The music is "Under The Boardwalk/Sand in My Shoes" performed by the Persuasions. 

I missed taking pictures at the celebration for Kent's party to celebrate the completion of his master's degree, so I wasn't able to include that event. Make sure when you see him next, you tell him congratulations! I am so proud of him!

Click on the play button to see what we've been up to the past month.

I miss my kids. That is all.

Monday, February 4, 2013

January in Venice, Florida

January passed quickly. Our goal is to post a slide show monthly with picture highlights of what we have experienced. It is a good way for us to organize our pictures and memories. Hopefully, you will enjoy it as well. There are quite a few pictures of orchids this month. Sorry, not sorry.

Other than missing the kids, it has been a great month here at Camp Venice Retreat

The music we have (appropriately) chosen is "Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes" by Jimmy Buffett.

Click the link and enjoy!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Getting Settled

We are settling into our spot here at Camp Venice Retreat. We both were pretty exhausted by the drive down. Escaping ice and snow while pulling a camper is not easy. But, we were here in time to celebrate New Year's Eve with the Florida siblings. Good times.

A few orchids jumped into our cart yesterday. I vowed to curb the temptation to plant too many pots of flowers because I don't want to haul them back with us in April. So far, we have 12 pots. See how successful I am?

A couple who are also staying here stopped yesterday to introduce themselves. When I asked them how they found this park, the lady said, "Well, actually, through your blog." You could have knocked me over with a feather.

A herd of wild pigs has been wreaking havoc at night within a few feet of Betsy. They dig up the ground and make a real mess.  I think we might need to host a

There are banana leaves right here to wrap the pig before roasting. There has to be a butcher around here!

I'll keep you posted.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

I'm Back!

If anybody does read this, you may have noticed I temporarily abandoned this little posting place. I have no reason actually. It wasn't a priority. I considered making it go away.

During the day on Christmas Eve, we pulled Betsy up onto the driveway from her winter resting place so we could pack her up for our trip south. I looked out the kitchen window that night and the Christmas lights reflected off her aluminum side, creating a cool effect. She was calling to us.

We had a great Christmas. Our kids stayed with us out here at the ranch. It has been very fun. I miss them already.

Today I decided to get back to the blog. It helps us document our travels.

We've been crazy busy putting away Christmas and packing up the house. We are leaving two days earlier than planned because of the weather forecast between here and Florida. We'll leave tomorrow morning long before the sun comes up. Wish us luck on those winter roads! Paul, Betsy and I hope to be in Venice by Saturday.

I'll keep you posted!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Slice of Americana: Minnesota Airstream Park

Paul, Bauxite Betsy and I just returned from a trip to Clear Lake, Minnesota.

Our home for the past week was the Minnesota Airstream Park,

where we had a lovely spot with soft landscaping, a cement patio and a screened casita.

We chose this location because I attended and worked at the ACDA Summer Dialogue,

a conference of state choral directors held on the campus of Saint John's University.

The campus was about a thirty minute drive from where we were located.

People own their lots at this park and can rent out their spots when they are not in residence with their own travel trailer. The stipulation is, one has to own an Airstream to become a member.  One can stay there with a camper other than an Airstream, but only in a location stipulated for "others."

So, Betsy was surrounded by Airstreams of all sizes and vintages. We found it all a bit odd.

But, it was a wonderful place to stay. People were very friendly.

You may wonder what Paul occupied his time with in my absence each day. Well, there is an executive golf course in the park, with no greens fee for residents. Need I say more?

He wanted a chance to get more comfortable with the new set of irons he acquired this summer, so he made good use of the course. He played16 rounds of golf! After his daily rounds,  he would go for a swim and sit by the pool with his ereader. This guy should give seminars in how to be retired!!!

He even got me out on the links on Saturday. Notice the little lake in this picture. So pretty.

He's convinced me I need to take up the game.

There was a nice vegetable stand and a great meat market on my way home from St. John's, so we would enjoy a nice dinner each evening.

Dialogue will be at St. John's again next summer, so the decision has been made to return. Here's a picture of Paul pondering our future plans.

Life is good. We are next headed into three consecutive weekends of BBQ judging. I'll keep you posted.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Life Stage Ceremony Ahead!!!!!

Big news in our world!!!!!

Josh proposed to Suzanne and she said yes!!!!

I borrowed their engagement announcement to use here. The picture on the left was taken last summer when they were in Paris. Paul took the picture on the right when they came for dinner last Sunday.

It is wonderful to see one's child so happy. We love Josh dearly and look forward to calling him our son-in-law. They are hoping for a wedding date in Fall 2013.

I'll keep you posted!!!!