Thursday, January 3, 2013

Getting Settled

We are settling into our spot here at Camp Venice Retreat. We both were pretty exhausted by the drive down. Escaping ice and snow while pulling a camper is not easy. But, we were here in time to celebrate New Year's Eve with the Florida siblings. Good times.

A few orchids jumped into our cart yesterday. I vowed to curb the temptation to plant too many pots of flowers because I don't want to haul them back with us in April. So far, we have 12 pots. See how successful I am?

A couple who are also staying here stopped yesterday to introduce themselves. When I asked them how they found this park, the lady said, "Well, actually, through your blog." You could have knocked me over with a feather.

A herd of wild pigs has been wreaking havoc at night within a few feet of Betsy. They dig up the ground and make a real mess.  I think we might need to host a

There are banana leaves right here to wrap the pig before roasting. There has to be a butcher around here!

I'll keep you posted.