Thursday, June 26, 2008

Our First Retirement Trip- June 15th-18th,2008

Nerstrand "Big Woods" State Park
What a great trip! The weather could not have been more beautiful. All three days, the day time temps were in the 70's and the night temps were in the high 50's.

We mostly just relaxed and read. Both of us were very exhausted after finishing the last school year of our careers!

We do like to shop at local vendors for food to cook on our trips. The little town of Nerstrand has a great butcher shop that makes wonderful homemade sausages and bratwursts, so we cooked them one night. Faribault also has a good meat market, so we had a butter-garlic flavored chicken breast from there one night. One chicken breast was enough for our initial dinner with enough left over to make a chicken pasta salad for lunch the next day. We shopped in Northfield at a organic grocery store named "Just Foods." Other than that we did some hiking and had campÔ¨Āres and played Scrabble at night. Ahhhhh!
Our new camper is wonderful!

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qwerkyqook said...

sounds perfect. whens the next trip? would you like to take a sous chef along????