Saturday, July 26, 2008

Fargo, July 19th, 2008

2nd Annual
Chris McDougall Memorial Golf Tournament

How I love my family! My brother Dave and sister-in-law Rosie and their family have opened their home and their hearts to the entire family the past two summers as we gather in Christopher's memory. There can be no other better way to remember him than to gather for a weekend of golf, a sport he dearly loved, and to be together with friends and family. We had an absolutely wonderful trip. My brother Jim and his wife, Mary, invited us to their home on Friday evening. We had so much fun sitting out on their patio while Jim cooked great food for us. Brother Al makes one great potato salad, using an old family recipe. On Saturday morning, 56 people golfed at Edgewood Golf Course. Following the tournament, the golfers and many more met at Dave and Rosie's for a great meal and a relaxing evening sitting out in their beautiful back yard. The event was still going strongly when we left at eleven p.m. The "younger generation" had a big bonfire going and so I am sure they were there for quite some time. We could not have asked for better weather. The mystery is this: "Where are the mosquitoes that usually swarm around us in the Red River Valley?" All eight of us were together. I love my siblings with my whole heart. I can hardly wait for next summer when we can relive this event. Thanks, Dave and Rosie!!

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Marlys said...

Great Picture! Great Family!
Thanks, Barb!