Monday, January 26, 2009

Good bye, Venice!

Good bye Beth and Gary!

Good bye Kent and Margie!

Good bye Camp Venice Retreat!

Good bye new friends!

Goodbye great meals shared with those new friends!

Goodbye favorite food stands.

Goodbye Casperson Beach.

Goodbye Snook Haven.

Goodbye shark teeth!

Goodbye great outdoor kitchen (and great meals!)

Good bye great times with family.

Good bye birds on the pier.

Good bye relaxing at Sharky's.

Good bye fishing pier.

We will miss you!!!
See you next year!!!


qwerkyqook said...

Hello to my children, whom I left in the frozen tundra???? And hello to my lovely orchids that miss me dearly????

BandB said...

Oh, great. All I need is more fuel for my daily guilt trip. I do miss you terribly and I wish you were here with us!!!