Monday, August 24, 2009

White Water State Park, August 17-20. 2009

We left Wisconsin and made our way back in the direction of home with a stop at White Water State Park in the blufflands of southeastern Minnesota.

We always feel at home in a Minnesota state park. We have visited so many of them so many times we are always comfortable with the surroundings.

We had a nice shady spot with room for the rain fly.

"George" our wooden egret found his usual spot next to a rain fly stake to discourage tripping in the campsite.

Paul uses recycled music to further mark the lines.

Nick was free for two days from the restaurant so joined us. The three of us last visited Whitewater in August, 2007. A week later, a terrible flash flood went through the park and surrounding area damaging much of the park's infrastructure and causing terrible damage to the river valley. This was our first visit back and we were glad to see the campground back in good shape.

Nick has been bitten by the golf bug this summer.

He gets out as often as he can.

He and Paul had golfed at the nearby St. Charles Golf Course during our last visit and so they planned a trip back to give the course another try. They talked me into joining them.

Those who know me are aware I do not golf. The last time I played a round was about 20 years ago.

But, I did agree to go with them because:
Neither Paul nor Nick intimidate me.
The golf course was empty of other golfers. Seriously, empty.
They would allow me to play my style of golf:

No score keeping for me.
I use three clubs: a fairway wood, a nine iron and a putter.
I pick up my ball if I am tired. I will only putt twice per green. That's enough.
That way, I don't hold up the game and find it fun.
I recommend this to other people.
No need to get angry and fume over one's golfing ability or lack thereof. Ahem.....

Considering my lack of practice, I did just fine, actually. I even hit over the water in this shot.

And, when you play once every 20 years, people are quite complimentary of your game.

That evening, we enjoyed a good meal with our son.

And a great campfire.

The next morning Paul and Nick played golf again before he went back to work. I read in their absence.

After Nick left, we experienced an afternoon of heavy rain.

The fact the flood was exactly two years ago on that date did enter our conversation. So, to keep our minds occupied otherwise, out came the Scrabble board.

It was fun playing the old-fashioned way.
Usually we play this game online.

We came home to a lawn in need of attention.

Obviously it had also rained at home while we were gone.

The maps and the calender are out. We are making plans. It doesn't look like we will be home much during the month of September. Where will we be next? We'll keep you posted!

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