Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Smokefest 2009 and Camden State Park September 17-21, 2009

Last Thursday Paul and I headed to southwestern Minnesota
for a stay at Camden State Park near Marshall, Minnesota.

Camden is located on the Redwood River, a designated trout stream.  We moved into a nearly deserted campground and set up for our stay.

Although it was a really nice little park, the real reason for our trip to this location was to observe our nephews, Chad and Kevin Dotzenrod, participate in

a barbeque contest sponsored by  Southwest Minnesota State University.

They have cooked for many family events and their food is always excellent. The barbeque process is a timely effort and because we don't live near them, we have only experienced (and enjoyed) their finished products served at family functions. I was very excited to be able to observe the process from its beginning stages and to watch a real live cooking competition.

Friday after our morning coffee, we headed to campus to the designated contest area and found Chad and Kevin already hard at work setting up their cooking station.

This contest was one of the 300 annual contests sanctioned by the

which means specific guidelines are to be followed.

There were 38 cooking teams entered in the event.

The parking lot steadily filled throughout the afternoon.

Everybody was busy getting organized.

Paul and I could not believe the huge setups owned by most of the other contestants. Chad and Kevin were not intimidated in the least.  

They had too much prep work to do!

We did our best to supervise and lend them moral support that afternoon.We helped them in whatever way we could without imposing on their creative efforts!

After their rubs and marinades were completed and the prepared meat was back in the coolers to rest, we left them for the night just as the music for the street dance poured out over the contest site.  They would start their smokers up during the night and keep a close vigil over the temperatures to keep them constant.  Sleep was not part of their world while Paul and I slept like babies back at the state park.

The next morning things were already hopping when we arrived.  The brisket, pork shoulder and ribs were started during the night and early morning hours.  As the day progressed, the chefs checked to make certain everything was cooking as planned. 

Kevin and Chad were extremely organized and methodical in their work. 

Later in the morning, the chicken was placed on the grills.

They prepared both legs and thighs to decide which of the two to enter based on the finished product.  

Chicken was the first entry on the judging schedule. They made the decision to go with the thighs.

I would have been proud to enter either the legs or thighs as both tasted incredible.  We were too excited to get a picture of the chicken as they readied the box for entry.  We wouldn't make that mistake again.  

The ribs were prepared to be entered next.  Events were spaced in thirty minute segments.

Paul and I were placed in charge of prepping the lettuce for the boxes.  We worked carefully to make no mistakes.  Chad and Kevin were meticulous in their work.  

Their ribs tasted even better than they looked; tender, juicy, flavorful.  We had so much fun helping them prepare (and taste) their entries.

Next event to be judged was pork.  Chad pulled the meat with the bear paws.  Again, the flavor and tenderness of the meat was wonderful. I felt like Andrew Zimmern because I kept shaking my head and saying, "Wow!"  Everything was great.

Six portions, one for each judge, were presented in each entry box.  If room allowed, a little extra serving was added for the table captain as well.  

Last entry to be judged was brisket.  Chad put edge pieces around the slices for a little extra taste treat for the judges.  

I could see no way these two were not the grand champions of this event.  Their entries were excellent and I was one very proud aunt!  

We waited for the results. 

As the winners were announced in each category, I was completely shocked their names were not called.  I just couldn't believe theirs was not the best in any category.

Chad was very pragmatic about the results.  He competes against himself and was pleased to know they had entered four excellent dishes.  Kevin brought his usual good humor to the front and wondered how the guys in those big expensive rigs felt because many of them left without any "hardware."

Their true colors showed at that moment.  And, I was an even prouder aunt. 

You see, I wanted to find the judges and ask if I could taste the winning dishes.  I really NEEDED to know what could have been better than my nephews' food.

We said our goodbyes and told Chad and Kevin we would love to travel to another competition if they wouldn't mind us tagging along. They headed to a local hotel for a night of much needed rest and Paul and I headed back to the campground.  

We were able to bring some pretty incredible food with us as a main course for our evening's meal.

Chad and Kevin, you both are winners in my book!

Congratulations on a job very well done.  

Meanwhile, I keep working to let it go.  I don't think entering cooking competitions  would be in my best interest. 

But, I am thinking I might need to take a KCBS judging class!  


Marlys said...

I have been checking your blog site 2 - 3 times daily to see this entry! Wow, even Mom is impressed! Good job, sons! I agree with you, Barb, that it would be interesting to taste the winning entries just to see what they were looking for! The pictures were wonderful and they both enjoyed having you two there to help and encourage them. BRAVO!!!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Great recap. The food looked amazing - as usual! They are both so talented!! I wish they would have won, but it's cool that they compete in these things w/ such a humble set up compared to some of the other rigs that they have described!!

Kevin said...

Great post Barb. We had a great time with you and Paul and so appreciate all the help. We'll keep you posted on our next competition

Anonymous said...

I'm hungry. Missy McZ.

qwerkyqook said...

mmmm looks delicious. The lettuce base is exactly like the food network competitions! I bet the fam will volunteer to taste test any tweaks they may have on the masterpiece recipes!

Hossy said...

Excellent post! I really thought we had the competition on the ropes this time! But there were some good teaching moments and as always, I'm thinking of new ideas and recipes. My latest idea is create a rib rack that will hold 6 racks of ribs and attach to the rotisserie. I think that would be a cool tool and a great way to self baste ribs. More details to come.

Abby and Ryan said...

I am way proud of my brothers, and agree that they deserved the winning entry. The food looks incredible, and my mouth is watering. I have never seen their "game material"--I am impressed with the presentation. Looks awesome!

You guys are lucky to have been there for the competition! I also think judging this competitions would be amaaazing.

I am a proud sister!!!