Monday, October 26, 2009

Paella 'a l' Americaine

I share a special bond with my lovely niece, Lisa.  She is an intelligent, beautiful young woman with a zest for life I admire.  Besides our obvious connection as members of the McDougall clan, we have forged a friendship through our shared enjoyment of the blogosphere.

A common interest we discovered through social media is a love for Julia Child.  Lisa and I

decided to get together last Friday evening and do some cooking using one of Julia's menus.  She brought us each an apron from Anthropologie, just to set the correct mood in the kitchen!  As one who has grown up in a large family understands, the plans for two people huddled over the stove

can very easily evolve into a lively event for thirteen adults and six children. In fact, that's the way we prefer life!

So, our house was filled with lively conversation and lots of laughter

as we cooked Julia's American Paella for a crowd.  I have made this recipe for years and have adapted it to suit the tastes of the Geier household.

Like our daughter, Suzanne, Lisa lives life gluten free, so our entire menu was planned accordingly. We shared sangria, olives and cheese and my sister Beth's wonderful black bean salad while we prepared the main course.

The children were great, getting to know each other a little better and entertaining us all at the same time!

Julia's version of paella is very accessible to a social gathering and I recommend you try it, either for a quiet dinner for six or for a bigger event like ours.

The dish finished quite beautifully and we all dug in!

Old World Pizza came through for the young ones and for those who go through life without spice and seafood.

Thanks, Lisa, for driving this soirée!

Let's plan another soon.  When we're home, I love my kitchen!!! I'll share it with our family anytime!


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Fun! It was great reading your take on the night!

It's interesting how some will say that technology tends to isolate people. It has obviously had the opposite affect on our relationship!!

We definitely need to do this again. And I owe you & Paul a dinner at my house, too!

Marlys said...

I am so glad that you blogged about our wonderful evening at your house and the paella was scrumptious! The evening was so much fun - being with family is such fun!