Friday, February 5, 2010

How Fortunate

People who know me are aware one of my favorite phrases is, "how unfortunate."  Randy, if you are reading this, you will remember many situations at work when that just seemed to be the right thing to say.  And, then we would usually laugh. Good times.

Now, the phrase, "how fortunate" has been crawling through my mind.

The past two days have been gorgeous. We went to the beach both days. Paul loves to sift for sharks' teeth at Casperson. I slather on the sunscreen and read. I am just about finished with Salman Rushdie's "The Enchantress of Florence." Reading one of his books is guaranteed to expand one's vocabulary.  What an incredible writer.

Back at our camper, we've worked to settle into our space. We've never stayed in one place long enough to consider adding plants to our outdoor room. But with two months ahead of us at Camp Venice Retreat, we have looked at things differently.

Some new orchids will be making the trip back home with us!

Paul repotted these beauties yesterday. Our neighbor, Helga, introduced herself and sought his advice on an orchid she bought last year. Helga's orchid is an expensive one and needs to be repotted or it's a goner. Paul is her new gardening buddy.

A few flowers, a small palm, a few pots of herbs and a bromeliad or two and we're feeling quite grounded.

As I drove home exhausted after a day at work, I used to daydream about retirement and hoped we could have a small camper and experience different regions of North America. 

How fortunate.


Marlys said...

Gosh, that was great! How fortunate you are, right? I love the pictures of Paul in the golf! I can almost feel the heat! It is once again snowing here but warmer so it is icy - NADAA!! Hope the benefit goes off ok!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Great photos! That is so cool that Paul could help a neighbor with some gardening! Those orchids are stunning.

I will take you up on your offer of the help on learning to roast a chicken - I was hoping you would take me under your wing! Hopefully I can tag along on one of your trips this fall! :)

Give my love to the McDougall clan!