Saturday, May 8, 2010

Celebrating with Vanessa and Al at Target Field

Thursday evening, Paul and I joined my brother, Al and his beautiful daughter, Vanessa, at Target Field to watch our Minnesota Twins play the Baltimore Orioles. Excited to see the new ball park for the first time, the four of us arrived thirty minutes before the gates opened.

We wanted to have a chance to explore the stadium before the game. The first view of the field was memorable. Outdoor baseball, the way it is supposed to be played!

I liked the combination of the latest technology with the nostalgic reminders of the Twins teams from our childhood. The old Twins logo looks great against the Minneapolis skyline.

We also wanted a chance to tour the Legend's Club before the game. Our nephew, Mike, is the manager of this level of the stadium and Nick works for him there. The Legend's Club includes padded seats with a premium view of the field, along with access to private, climate controlled lounge areas featuring full-service bars, large screen TVs, fireplaces and upscale food options.

I loved the picture of one of our favorite legendary players, Tony Oliva, in the wall above the bar named for him.

And, of course, there has to be a Kirby Puckett area. I want to come back for a game with a ticket to this level! Thanks, Mike, for the private tour.

Although not on the club level, we had fantastic seats, right above third base in the 17th row. We were excited for the game. The big screen adds so much to the experience.

And, during the 5th inning, right on that screen, congratulations were extended to Vanessa on her graduation this weekend from Minnesota State University Mankato! Her dad might have had something to do with this.

Even though the Twins lost and it drizzled throughout the entire game, we had fun. We don't get many opportunities to bond with Vanessa, and it was very special to spend this evening with her. She will be moving to Denver to work in the fall. Graduate school is in her near future.

Congratulations, Vanessa! Thanks, Al! Good work, Mike and Nick! Target Field, two thumbs up.


Jamie and Missy said...

What great pictures! Thanks for sharing, Barb!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

What a great way to celebrate. I have yet to make it to Target field but look forward to taking in a game this summer!

I didn't know Vanessa is moving to Denver!! I am so excited for her. Colorado holds a very special place in my heart as I love the summer & winter breaks I spent there.

Marlys said...

Wow - awesome pictures! And that Vanessa is so beautiful! I am jealous that you got to spend some time with her, but so happy you could, and also with our dear brother, Al! The legend area is fabulous! Mike must enjoy his job although I'm sure he's a busy young man! I hope to see it someday, too! Would you believe that I've never been to the dome for any games? I am so pathetic, huh?

mary beth said...

Can't wait to see the field.