Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day 2010

Paul looked forward to his Father's Day weekend with great anticipation.

We made Flank Steak with Chimichuri Sauce for our Father's Day Eve meal. Grilled portobello mushrooms and red onions rounded out our meal. Excellent!

To start the day just right, Nick made an early morning tee time so the two could enjoy a Father-Son round of golf.

Suzanne was at our house by the time they were off of the golf course. We all pushed up our sleeves  and made brunch.

Suzanne and Nick were the main chefs for the day. They have both inherited the serious cook gene!!! In no time, we had a delicious meal of Ricotta Pancakes with Orange Syrup, fresh fruit and bacon.

We laughed often and enjoyed each other's company. I don't remember the last time the four of us sat down in our dining room to eat a meal together.  Father's Day is a great tradition!

These two young people love their father dearly.

And, so do I! Happy Father's Day, Paul.


Paul said...

May I suggest we alternate Father's Day and Mother's Day EOD for the rest of our lives?

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Yum! The food looks delish! Glad you were all able to get together! Your schedules are all quite busy!!

Jamie and Missy said...

We did new york strips with a chimichuri sauce on Saturday night for the family, as well. It was superb. Glad to hear Paul enjoyed the weekend. Hello to all.

Marlys said...

That sounded so delicious! And the perfect Father's Day! You are one great Dad & husband, Paul! Bravo! I think the EOD idea is fabulous, but our children might not agree!