Friday, May 20, 2011

Spring Camping

Hi! We've been busy living life and so I have not gotten here to update. We have managed to run away twice with our new Airstream. Paul calls her Betsy. I call her fantastic!

Our maiden voyage was to Frontenac State Park the first week in May. It was a barren landscape.

We did find a few spring flowers.

And, it was cold. We did see the sunset from our campsite, though, because there were no leaves to block our view.

What a difference two weeks makes this time of year. We just returned from camping at Nerstrand Big Woods State Park.

Spring happened!! I love hiking in the woods as much as Paul loves walking on the beach.

We have camped in this park for 30 years. When she was fours years old, Suzanne asked if they turned this waterfall off at night. We laugh about that now every time we do this hike.

We found some trout lilies blossoming, although we were a little late and missed the big show. They blossom before the leaves come out on the trees.

I am trying to make up for all of those years we missed hiking in the spring. I love the flowers this time of year.

We generally seek out State Natural and Scientific Areas near our camping locations. This trip, we chose Townsend Woods.

This area is a small portion of woods that has never been cleared. We had to hike along the edge of a farmer's field to get to it. Paul actually asked me to go out into that field and stand so he could take my picture. Being the obedient wife, I obliged.

Then he said I could finally tell people I was out standing in my field. Look closely, you might see the hook in my mouth.

It was worth the hike, despite the bad jokes.

This is what southern Minnesota looked like before the land was cleared. This tract of land was on a hilltop surrounded by ravines and so was probably considered unworthy to clear. Over the years, it was left untouched and the family eventually gave the land to the Department of Natural Resources for study purposes.

There are amazing old growth trees there.

Because there were no maintained hiking trails, we followed deer trails. Paul stopped abruptly as we found our way back to the edge of the woods. He almost stepped on

this baby deer. Too little to run, he was hiding under a log, hoping we would not harm him.

What a great moment.

Speaking of newborns, while we were off in the woods, Jacob Rohrer, our newest grand-nephew was born. We are so excited to meet him.  Also, we judge our first KCBS competition tomorrow!!!  I'll keep you posted.


Marlys said...

Welcome back! Good to see your post! Next time you must post pictures of the interior of Betzy! I'm dying to see it! Beautiful scenery and the little deer hiding is so precious! Congrats on the new Great Nephew! Next week you'll have another one - or a great niece!

qwerkyqook said...

This blog post is amazing. Dad's goofy humor AND a picture of the fawn you texted me about MID HIKE! Only you would text and hike!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

What a fun trip - love Suzanne's comment about turning off the waterfall. That's awesome.

I have spotted similar flowers along this path to Lake Harriet - they make me think of you & Paul!

marybeth said...

The trout lilies look like ghost orchids. Beautiful shots, the fawn is precious. Looking forward to hearing about the maiden BBQ judging event.