Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Inside the New Cabin-On-Wheels

The camper is back in our yard after being back at the dealer for two weeks for some warranty work.

It's rather sad that she just sits out there, waiting for us to take her someplace. Unfortunately, our schedules dictate we stay home. Oh, well, the state parks are all closed due to our stupid state government. Politicians. 

Stop. No more on that subject. 

I have had requests for an inside picture tour. My personal photographer, Paul, obliged and took some interior shots of our aluminum asylum. 

We love all of the windows. Both by the booth

and in the bedroom.

A separate bedroom is one of the main reasons we traded up. That, and facing our 60th birthdays.

Oops, that's also another subject.

There are different design options with Airstreams. We wanted the aluminum interior.

We have so much storage space which will come in handy when we are snowbirds each winter.

Paul calls our kitchen sink the baptismal font.

My brother, Al, and our friend, Randy, who are both ordained ministers, could find this useful.


The internet is a wonderful thing. Oops, off subject again.

This next shot is my favorite. For some reason, Paul loves to shoot pictures which include his feet. If you can look beyond them, you might notice that nice little television mounted on the wall. We have sold out as campers.

He also likes to take a "this is our route out of here" picture.

We are so anxious to get out of town.

Speaking of feet, I have new hiking boots and I am just as excited as a kid with a new pair of school shoes!

I can hardly wait for our trip to the North Shore in September. I'll be ready for those rocky trails!!!!


Marlys said...

Great photos and captions! I'm so glad we got to see the camper - inside and out, but these pictures are exactly how it looked! It's going to be a grand place to spend the winter months! We are so excited for you! I, too, hope those politicians can get their act together! I'm sure this past weekend was a huge loss of revenue for the state!

Abby said...

State parks closed during prime camping season?!?! That is just WRONG!

Our state parks are closed...but to prevent irresponsible people from starting fires until the wild fires quit.

Now about the airstream...

I am AMAZED! I can't believe how much space is in that! And WINDOWS! From the outside it didn't appear to have so many open views. I love it! You guys have some fantastic trips ahead of you!

mary beth said...

It's so roomy and bright! I can see some good rummy games at that table this winter!!

Anonymous said...

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