Monday, August 15, 2011

Vegan Sunday!

When our children were young, we often did our weekly grocery shopping as a family on our way home from church on Sunday. Paul made a game with the kids of selecting a different and unique (to us) fresh fruit to try each week. Ever wonder who buys those ugli fruits? This family did. Star fruit, persimmons, you name it, they tried it. I think this approach led both of them to enter their adult lives with an open mind toward new foods.

Even though we shop alone now, we still have the same philosophy. Last Thursday at our local farmers' market, Paul was attracted to these:

Thai eggplants. Neither one of us had tried them before. In fact, Paul is not a huge eggplant fan. But, he saw them and said, "Huh! Look at these. I wonder what they taste like?" So, there you are. I'm game to try!

We did some searching and both thought this recipe: Thai Eggplants and Chickpeas in Peanut Masala from the FatFree Vegan Kitchen sounded good. The internet is a wonderful thing. We judged BBQ on Saturday, so Sunday was a perfect day for us to go meatless and try something completely different from ribs and pulled pork!!!

This is our idea of fun. Assemble and prep the ingredients:

I love summer.

We cook together while we crank some tunes in the kitchen.

And, then, we sit down to enjoy what we've created.

This dish is dinner party material. Excellent. I can't wait for this week's farmers' market! I'll talk to you soon.


Four Windows with a View said...

Not only did it sound wonderful as you were explaining, but it looks wonderful.

qwerkyqook said...

Yum. I love Fat Free Vegan Kitchen. One of my first food blog crushes! That looks delicious, I'm a HUGE fan of eggplant for breakfast!

Marlys said...

I have never heard of that vegetable either! They looked delish! Sounds like a perfect Sunday afternoon!