Monday, October 3, 2011

The North Shore 2011

Northern Minnesota is one of our favorite places to visit. For the past four years, we have spent the week after Labor Day at Temperance River State Park.  I made a slide show out of the pictures Paul chose. If you want to get a look at our week, here it is.

Oh, please excuse my

pictures. I wear my binoculars all day when we are camping and I realize they don't make the most attractive jewelry. Here's where I'm at on the fashion issue:
Have I said today I'm glad we're retired?
The music is "Minnesota" by Austin Kyle. If you click on the youtube icon, you'll be able to view it in full screen. Enjoy!

Now, on to Bear Head Lake!
I'll talk to you soon.


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I love the slide show!! And that songs is just perfect. Makes me want to take a week and go up there, too. I have actually never really been on the North Shore. Well, maybe I was up there as a child, but I have no memories of it if i was up there.

Looks like it was a perfect week!

Abby said...

What?!?! That's Minnesota???? I'm almost in disbelief. I didn't realize there was so much elevation in MN?

Beyond words! Wow. I know when I show these pictures to Ryan he will want to do a camping trip up there some day!

Great slide show -- and looks like an amazing trip!

Marlys said...

The North Shore is so beautiful and I am super impressed with the slide show you put together! WOW! Between you guys and Al you have really shared some awesome photos. There is so much beautiful country to see and I'm happy to see it with you! Thanks!

Jamie and Missy said...

It was a perfect week, it seems.