Monday, January 23, 2012

Time just slips away!

We have been enjoying life in Florida, Paul, Bauxite Betsy and I.

We added a screen house to our set up, so we have a defined outdoor dining area. We are finding our new cabin on wheels to be a very comfortable place to live. Of course, the country club set doesn't comprehend our happiness, but oh, well.

The routine seems to be pretty well established.  In the morning, we are around the camper. I do my computer work. The rest of the day is usually centered around Caspersen Beach. The beautiful weather makes us, we can't help it.

I can usually be found under "my" personal palm tree,

while Paul is off down the beach, looking for whatever washes up on the shore.

When the sun gets to us, we head back and pick up something at the local market that looks good. Last week we were in a salsa state of mind. Good deals on tomatoes and peppers were too good to pass up!

Tonight will be the fourth straight evening we'll have seafood for dinner.

That is all. Simple. Sweet.

But, I miss my kids. Can't have everything, I guess!!!!


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Sounds lovely to me - I could handle that kind of schedule! You worked so hard for many year, you definitely deserve these slower pace, wonderful days.

I am envious of the fresh produce & seafood you have access to! And these pictures make me wish I could swing a trip down to Florida, but with CFA studying, I just don't think I can swing it. :( Bummer. I'll get down there one of these years!

Abby said...

You guys are living in paradise!! Beautiful! Everyone deserves a personal palm tree, I believe.

I bet you and Paul have been cooking up some incredible dishes! That is so great to have access to all that fresh sea food! That is one downfall of living in the Southwest.

Marlys said...

You make retired life sound sublime! I'm ready, Freddy! Enjoy the sand and turf! Envy the fresh seafood you are enjoying!