Monday, July 9, 2012

And the summer drifts by...

I have been absent from this page since our travels ended in May.
We've been occupied. Work, knitting, watering plants, the usual exciting stuff.
We haven't travelled because Bauxite Betsy has been at the dealership since the end of May, having warranty work done. The anticipation of her return has been an exercise in patience.
We hosted our dinner group last Saturday and had a great evening. We served a southern menu. We love those evenings with these dear friends.

I am faced with the job of converting the files I had published online of Grandma McDougall's recipes and my own personal collection. Access one of those sites and you will find this greeting;

In Apple's shift to iCloud, the capability to publish those collections on personal websites through MacGourmet disappeared. I had hoped there would have been an alternative provided, but it does not appear that will happen anytime soon. My first concern is Mom's recipes. I'll get them back online for the family, it will just take some time. I am presently in the beginning stages of a new site.

I'll keep you posted.


qwerkyqook said...

Good. I was looking for a recipe last night and saw it was down!!

Marlys said...

That menu sounds so, so good! And I hope you have good luck converting the recipes as retyping them would be a true labor of love!