Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tyler and Caden

We had family come to town last Saturday to attend the Twin's Game. Our nephew, Mike, is the manager of the Legends Club level at Target Field. Nick works there, too! Mike is pictured here in front of Kirby Puckett with his sons, Tyler and Caden. They were excited to see where Dad works.

On Sunday, Beth and Gary and their grandsons came to our house to visit while Mike worked at the game.  I didn't think to get out my camera, so I borrowed pictures from Beth.  I love this one taken at their lake this summer when the boys were staying there.

Tyler and Caden have a little routine they've established when they come to visit us. Paul brings out some of the toys we have stored from Suzanne's and Nick's childhoods. First, they will play with the dinosaur collection in the living room, sitting quietly while the adults visit. Then, they move downstairs where they find the old Discovery Toys favorite, Marbleworks. Paul sets the box in the same place every time and they know right where they can find it. We have had that set of colorful tubes for over twenty years. Tyler is just the right age for this toy. Beth and I had fun sitting on the floor and and watching him think through to connect the raceway configurations. Tyler has a quiet, engaging way about him and this type of activity is the perfect way to get to know him.  Caden had fun, too, because there was quite the marble race happening and he was all for that.  He really latched onto the giant peg board I had found in a downstairs drawer. He knows his colors and numbers, so as he sorted and stacked, he reminded us in case we forgot. Next, they moved on to the building blocks my dad made for our kids. Paul has that box out and ready for them, too. There is nothing fancy or special about these toys, but they never grow tired of them.

It fills my heart to spend time with Tyler and Caden. They are my sister's grandchildren, my nephew's boys. I can see Mike in both of his sons. They engage a person in their gentle manners and welcome you into their world. They know us now. When they see us, their faces brighten with recognition. That makes me happy.
I am perfectly content with my life right now. But, playing with those old toys makes me miss my "little" children. I am glad we have sisters and brothers with grandchildren we can enjoy.

Thanks for sharing, Beth and Gary! Next time, remind me to get out the camera!!!


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

What a sweet post. :) You guys are sort of like faux grandparents in a way to all the nephews! I mean, Paul is Andrew's best friend, after all! You both have such a way with children!

marybeth said...

What a wonderful post, you both are very special people to the boys, Mike included. Their eyes light up every time we mention your names. Tyler called me this afternoon, they are headed to Millers' Lake for a few days of vacation with their mom.
Thank you for Sunday, they were very tired boys after their long days Saturday and Sunday. So were Grandpa and Grandma! Thanks again.

Marlys said...

Great post, Barb! Little boys are so sweet, and those two are just so cute! I love spending time with our "boys", too, and they sure light up one's life! Summer is the best for us as we see them almost every weekend except for Kolin! Oh, and he just learned to swim on his own! Emily took his life jackt off last week one day, and he dog paddled and swam under water! He's only 3!

Abby said...

That is the best feeling in the world when little ones who don't see you on a daily basis recognize you! (In my opinion). Whenever I come home to visit, and my nephews know my heart is just warmed!

They are such handsome young boys! That is great you got to spend time with them.

Isn't it funny with all the crazy technology out there, it's the simplest "non-technical" things that can entertain kids for hours? I love it.