Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Settled In

Life is back to normal for us. We arrived in Venice earlier than planned to be able to see Jim while he was here during his vacation. Then, Nick and Ellen arrived and also Al. For the past three weeks, it was like "Disney World For Adults" for Paul and me as we kept a much busier than usual social calendar. We were tired from having so much fun! Such a deal.

We moved on Saturday from Oscar Scherer State Park to Camp Venice Retreat, where we will stay for the months of February and March. We are in the same spot we were last winter, so we picked up a few plants 

to enjoy in what we call our "Florida Room,"

which is just our extended awning with an added sunscreen. We sit out here every morning and evening. Paul usually smokes a cigar at night after dinner. We visit with people as they walk their dogs.

Our days are definitely quieter. Maybe I'll start working on my recipe collection again.

Off to the beach! I'll talk to you soon.


Abby said...

Looks just perfect, Barb! You site sounds amazing. I am ready for retirement, I think! ;)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Ah, I know the feeling of being a tad bit over-scheduled with fun things! I have felt that way lately! It's great to be busy, but I am looking forward to my trip to France as I plan on taking it easy quite a bit!

Enjoy the beach!

Dasy T said...

The orchid & petunias look lovely! Plants sure make a room homey! Have a wonderful time in Venice!

Marlys said...

Ditto, the petunias are just so healthy looking! Love the orchid and plant, too! I bet you are enjoying some quieter days! And Happy Belated Anniversary! Hope you enjoyed the day!