Friday, February 18, 2011

You're Never Too Old For A Field Trip!

Paul and I took ourselves on a field trip this week.  We could not begin to count the number of field trips we have supervised in our lives. We still remark how nice it is to no longer have to collect permission slips and bus fees! Our destination was Historic Spanish Point, along the Gulf in nearby Osprey. The 30 acre site has been preserved to give a perspective of prehistoric life in the area as well as pioneer settlements and early 20th century life.

We set our own "curriculum" and gave ourselves a self-directed tour. We were interested in the restored and preserved buildings.

And the replicas of the boats used by the pioneers who first settled here.

However, none of the pamphlets mentioned the huge euphorbias we saw growing up through the trees.

And, I don't think the tour guide would have said, "Hey, let's run over here and look at that tree's incredibly strange growth habit !"

And, we stood and watched this little guy until he grew tired of us.

Look at these philadendron! I think there are dinosaurs in here!

After another day of cracking each other up with our clever remarks, we head back to our little "cabin on wheels" to cook some good food. Grilled vegetables keep finding their way to our plates.

We even stuff our chicken breasts with the left overs! Yum!

The weather lately has been too beautiful. Most days we "just" go to Caspersen Beach.

Paul is impatiently waiting for me to be done so we can get back out there. Have I said today I'm glad I'm retired? I'll talk to you soon.


Marlys said...

I'm sitting here at my desk in cold, windy ND, and looking at your pictures, I can smell the sea and vegetation! A heavenly excape! Blogging is the best! News this morning is that the flooding in the state will be worse than in 2009, so a heaviness is descending on our souls! The wonderful thaw we had didn't do much expect shrink the snow but very little moisture was lost, so they are busy filling sand bags in Fargo. I'm worried about what's coming! The water in the gulf is where it's supposed to be and is beautiful! :)!!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Glad to hear the weather is warm for you guys! A day at the beach sounds wonderful! Did you end up buying an e-reader? :) I've read 3 books on this trip and will likely finish a 4th before I leave or on the plane ride home. :)

qwerkyqook said...

I love that last picture. I ate a few bites of cucumber today, in between seeing 16 consults. Neuro blows, I wish I was retired-40 years.

Abby said...

Wow, that beach looks beyond heavenly!!!

I love those trees! They look incredibly old!!! What a fun "field trip"

And that meal of grilled shrimp-vegetably-goodness looks excellent!