Monday, September 5, 2011


Paul and I leave tomorrow morning for our 4th annual trip to the North Shore.

Some of us need to work at relaxation....

For us, nothing speaks to our soul more than a week on the shores of Lake Superior at Temperance River State Park.

And, after that, another week at Bear Head Lake State Park, near Ely.

I'm pretty sure we'll being enjoying our days immensely. It's a good world.

I'll talk to you when we get back!!


Marlys said...

Love the frog on the lily pad! Awe, pure relaxation! Just what the soul needs! Have a wonderful time and I look forward to a recap and photos!

Abby said...

Enjoy your trip! I bet it will be amazing. Cannot wait to see pictures!!

I love the cartoon of the chicken trying to relax. I feel like that sometimes...I don't do well with "chilling out".

Four Windows with a View said...

I love the frog on the lilypad, too. What a great picture.