Monday, July 12, 2010

Summer Sunday Supper

I have been home for only one or two dinners each week lately due to the rehearsal schedule for our show. When Paul and I are going to have a meal at the same time, we like to plan something a little special.  Our dinner last night was Piri-Piri Chicken and Pasta with Pesto Sauce.

We have made pesto since we were first married. Our family members will recall it was our "go to" dish when we served dinners when our kids were young. We used to grow so much basil we would freeze large amounts so we could make what we called "winter pesto".

Now, we only grow a few plants in a pot on our patio. We rarely make pesto. Pasta doesn't find its way to our table very often. Sigh.

But the basil on our patio is responding nicely to this humid summer. It was just begging us to do something with it. So, out came the food processor. In went the basil leaves. Out came the pesto sauce. Wow, was it good.

I'll talk to you soon. We are headed to the gym. I have some extra minutes to do on the tread mill.



Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Actually, I remember coming to your house for a dinner when I was a kid and I vividly remember eating tortellini (sp?) in a pesto sauce. We sat on your deck and I remember Emily (or me?) broke one of the tablecloth clips that keep the tablecloth on the table and we felt so bad but you of course did not get mad...

So, let's see, I believe that would be the trip where we went to Valley Fair - the trip where we have pictures of Abby & Nick riding a roller coaster and Abby has a death grip on poor Nick's neck. SO let's see, Abby would have been maybe 5? So I woudl have been around 12?

Isn't it amazing that something like pesto can bring back a flood of memories from trip that occurred nearly 20 years ago?

Marlys said...

I remember that trip, also, and you also served those wonderful thick, juicy grilled pork chops! I loved your pesto - think it was the first time I had eaten it!

Abby said...

I also remember that trip. Thank GOD for Nick, or that kiddie-roller-coaster probably would've taken my life..... ;)

Yum. That meal looks amazing. I just printed off the recipe and will be making it for Ryan this weekend!!

Also, I read this post last night; and it apparently triggered some inspiration in me. Because while watering my plants this morning - I decided I NEED to plant some basil. I've never made pesto - but love it!


Freely Living Life said...

MMMM! The chicken dinner with pesto pasta looks delicious! :)

Thanks for visiting our blog today! We always look forward to reading your updated posts as well!

Its hot and humid in SouthWestern Ontario today too, ugh. But nothing ice cream, sun screen and a kiddie pool can't fix! lol

Have a great day!

Angie & Family