Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

I've brought that song to the stage more than once in my life. However, that's a different subject.

We've been hit hard in the weather department this past month.

Today is officially the first day of winter and it's already getting old.

Only 90 days until spring.

Paul and I are thinking about our trip south. 18 days.

Meanwhile, we'll keep the coffee brewing and the fire burning. May as well stay warm inside.


Abby said...

You guys sure have been hit with winter this year! It's always mind boggling to me how it can be so miserably cold and stormy up there, and so warm and dry in AZ -- all in the same day!!

Keep warm

Freely Living Life said...

We're counting down the days for you! We're all waiting for you down in Florida! The heated birdbath post was priceless! Love it! =0)

Throw another log on the fire and make some hot cocoa. You'll be here before you know it! {{hugs}}

mary beth said...

Ooh, I can still see grass in the camper path, good work, Paul..

Marlys said...

I hope those 18 days pass quickly and soon you'll be on the road! I have a feeling this winter is going to wear on our souls! :( Have a Merry Christmas and I'll give you a call on Christmas to chat! We are going to "play it by ear" as to our plans that day! I would love to see you before you head southeast!