Monday, December 6, 2010

Jim's "In The Bag" Turkey

We've had our share of snow lately. Our yard is home to at least seventeen wild turkeys who love to hang out underneath the bird feeders. I wonder how they taste when roasted. If we had to, we could snare one of them quite easily.

Fortunately, we don't have to resort to foraging in the wild for food (yet). We are, however, foraging for food in our freezer. On Saturday, we roasted one of the turkeys we bought before Thanksgiving. We used a recipe from my brother, Jim, who is an excellent cook.

Paul and I were very pleased with our first attempt at cooking a turkey in a bag. I love the garlic flavor and will use this recipe again and again!

Next time we do a turkey, I plan to use a recipe from my brother, Al. How fun to have a family with a wealth of talent!

Which one looks juiciest to you?

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Marlys said...

We had a flock of 11 turkeys in our yard this fall, too! They move together all the time! I also thought about nabbing one for Thanksgiving, but figured I'd get caught. The game warden lives in Wyndmere. You'll have to share Jim's recipe!