Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Camping in town

We made it! We finished the last leg of our trip on Sunday. We were up at 4 a.m. each morning and on the road early. Because we passed into the Eastern time zone on Saturday, our internal clocks knew we were actually up at 3 a.m. on Sunday morning. We were concerned about the weather, so getting further south as soon as possible was important! Good thing, because right behind us was a bad ice storm!

Our location until Saturday is at Florida Pines, a snowbird "roost" right in Venice. It is a nice location for us to get everything set up and fixed so we can live in the North Trail until we return to Minnesota in mid-April.  However, we look forward to moving out to quieter surroundings. That happens on Saturday.

The ability to tether my computer to my phone became active this morning. I hope it works to my satisfaction, as being connected is important. 

Paul and I have spring fever. Yes, he already bought an orchid.  We went to the store to buy a shelf for the camper and a bunch of plants jumped into our cart. 

Talk to you soon.


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I am glad you beat that bad storm! Yikes, there was some nasty weather in that area!

I hope you caught up on sleep once you arrived in Fl! Getting up that early wears a person out. I have been getting up around 5:30 every day this week to make up hours so I can leave early for different appts, etc, and oh my gosh, I am worn out! I usually get up at 6 so you wouldn't think 30 minutes earlier would make a difference but I guess it did. I can't wait to re-charge my battery in Tucson this weekend. I think I need some Vitamin D. :)

Did you buy a Nook yet? :)

Marlys said...

By the pictures, it sure looks like warm weather there! Enjoy as we are going to experience sub-zero temps for the next week or so! Have you been to the beach yet? Hope you got some rest after the grueling trip! Enjoy!

mary beth said...

It's good to have you in town.
We enjoyed your company for dinner last night, even though you took my money at cards!