Wednesday, January 5, 2011

We're talking turkey!!

We roasted a 22 pound turkey yesterday. One might assume there was a large group here for dinner. But, no, it was just the two of us. And we each ate just a few slices for dinner. The rest is going to the kids.

We have been cleaning out our freezer and that big turkey was in there, waiting to get out.

We have cooked 56 pounds of turkey since Thanksgiving morning. Someone I know needs to curb the urge to buy things just because there is a "good deal." Baby steps...

We used a new injection recipe from my brother, Al. My people know how to cook!!! You can find the recipe in my collection. I've cleverly named it, "Al's Turkey Marinade."  The marinade ingredients include garlic juice, lemon juice, tabasco sauce and liquid smoke. Although the list of ingredients seems to suggest the meat would be spicy, that is not the case. The finished flavors are very subtle and very delicious. Paul took this picture right before we carved up the big guy.

Excellent, Al! Thanks for the recipe!!!

Today, I am making a ginormous pot of turkey stock from all of the bones, also to be divided up and to be sent to our children's kitchens. I hope their freezers can handle it!

Why are we forcing offering so much food to our children? Because, I am shutting down my kitchen here at the ranch for three months. We are

blowing this popsicle stand. Taking our cabin on wheels and

heading to warmer latitudes. Our freeze alarm, smoke alarms and security system are all tested and ready to go. The ranch is now a fort.

Florida, here we come. We have some International Rummy games waiting for us down there!!!


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Aw, that is awesome! I am sure Nick and Suzanne will be thrilled to take the turkey & stock off your hands! That's awesome!

Safe travels!! Looking forward to reading about your adventures on here!

Jamie and Missy said...

Safe travels! I, too, will look forward to hearing about your adventures.

Abby said...

That is awesome, Barb! 56 lbs of turkey since Thanksgiving...incredible! YOu are most definitely a McDougall! I have that same issue of "buying meat just b/c it's a deal"....

Yum -- Nick and Suzanne are lucky!

I hope you guys have a safe trip! Can't wait to read about all you see/do!

Marlys said...

When do you leave? I sent a package to you yesterday and hope it arrives tomorrow. Am I too late? I had it in my head that you were leaving on Saturday? That turkey looks scrumptious! Al is a great cook! I will check it out so thanks for posting it! Have a great trip to Floriday and play cards and bananagrams to your hearts content!

Barb. said...

Hello, Barb here, from waayyy over, down under,Western Australia.

I have popped over from Vansteaders. I love the look of that little 'van.

I have just bought myself a small van (car) and want to do a bit of exploring. Can't wait.