Monday, January 24, 2011

Good times! Nick and Ellen come to Venice!!!

Nick and Ellen escaped Minnesota for a few days to come to Venice for a visit.

We took them out to Caspersen Beach

on their very first evening to enjoy the sunset.

They stayed with us that first night at Oscar Scherer. Nick practiced his golf swing in our camp site

to warm up for his first round at Lake Venice Golf Club. Nick discovered there are new challenges when golfing in Florida.

Beth and Gary joined Paul and Nick for the round while Ellen and I enjoyed a beautiful afternoon at the beach.

After golf, what else? Another sunset view

from Sharky's, a "must see" when visiting Venice.

And, of course, there was great times with the family, including a feast of bratwursts from Geier's Sausage Kitchen enjoyed at Jim's and Mary's.

Nick and Paul enjoyed a round of golf at beautiful Pelican Pointe with Kent and Al while the ladies explored some of the finer shopping spots around town.

We gathered that evening at Kent's and Margie's. Four of the siblings were together.

I guess one could say we had fun.

Nick and Paul were up very early the next morning for one more round of golf with Kent and Al and a few of their feathered friends.

And then, all too soon, Nick and Ellen were gone. It was very difficult for me to say good bye.

We are so thankful they were able to come to visit us. And, we are thankful for our family who welcomed them so graciously into their homes. I'll talk to you soon.


Jamie and Missy said...

I love the photos, especially the one of Kent and Beth.

-Heidi said...

Ha! The "laughing pictures" made me smile! Looks like such a fun time... and of course with good food and drink! Ahhhh the life! You really do it right!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Oh fun! What a great trip! Such great photos. You look like you are solving the world's problems in that photo of the 4 siblings! :)

The bratwurst pic has me practically drooling. :) Yum!

Marlys said...

Awesome photos and the ones of siblings, too, made me smile! Maybe even a little teary eyed! Miss my family, so I know how you feel when you had to say good bye to Nick & Ellen. I so wish I could bi-locate!

Freely Living Life said...

Beautiful photos! We LOVE Sharky's!

Looks like you are having an awesome time! {{hugs}}


Abby said...

Great photos! Looks like you had such a great time. I can relate to the difficulty of saying goodbye when family comes to visit!

I have been dreaming of the beach lately - so I am quite envious! Looks gorgeous :D