Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Broderick (and some other people, too)!

We had a great visit with family and extended family this past week. Marge's sister, Karen and her family escaped from Iowa, Jim, Dave and Rosie ran away from Fargo and Jen and Eric and Broderick came in from Virginia. Little Broderick stole our hearts. He gets top billing here today. Here he is at Beth and Gary's on their first day, saying to Paul, "I think I know how you work this camera."

"Yeah! I've got it! Smile, Mom and Dad!"

The next day, Broderick experienced the beach for the first time. His opinion? "This place will have to grow on me."

Jen and Eric took a little side trip to Miami, providing an opportunity for Grandma and Grandpa McDougall to bond with their grandson.  Of course, the rest of us old fogies were pretty thrilled with the chance to get to know him as well.

The brothers caught up with each other.

Jim and Mary's home is a great gathering spot.

I think Mom would be happy to know we enjoy cooking and eating together! Jim, those kabobs were excellent!

We had one last picture of the whole group before the Iowa crowd left.

The next day the guys golfed at Pelican Pointe and cooled off afterwards in Kent's pool.

After another great meal, we enjoyed the super moon.

On Sunday, we took in some sights around Venice, starting with the jetty. Grandpa and Grandma McDougall took excellent care of their little guy.

Broderick rolled along beautifully with the older set.

He loved watching the birds and the boats.

He is one happy little boy.  I think Grandpa is, too!

One cannot put a price on family time.

I'm not sure, but I believe Broderick may have been enjoying his first taste of french fries and ketchup too much to enjoy the sunset at Marker 4. The rest of us took it in, though. This is the view from our table.

He charmed us all.  All too soon, the week was over and we had to say goodbye.

We can hardly wait to see you again. I hope you remember us!!

I have to check to see if Jim can get back to Fargo today. Bad weather up north held him at their Venice home one more day.

Don't you feel his pain?  I'll talk to you soon.


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I've been waiting for this post! He is so darn cute! That is great that Jen and Eric got some time away! Broderick was in the best of hands, obviously! As usual, the pictures are wonderful. You all are SO tan!!

Please bring the sun back with you. I am SO over winter and snow!

Jamie and Missy said...

I second what Lisa wrote. Please bring spring back to the midwest on your return trip. I'm so over winter. Everyone had a fantastic time. We're on our way out to Reile's Acres for dinner to hear all about it.

Abby said...

He is such a cutie!! Those big eyes melt my heart!

I have decided, from looking at the pictures you post...that you guys are officially in paradise. Family, beaches, beautiful sunsets, incredible food...... Incredible!

Marlys said...

Yup, I agree - a little slice of heaven! Barb, you look so tan in those pictures! I'm envious! We won't even talk about the weather up here as it has reached the point of being ridiculous! I, too, was waiting for the post about Broderick and the "others"! Looks like you had great weather! Sweet! Report in the paper today said that we won't see temps in the 50's here in ND until sometime in April.