Thursday, March 31, 2011

A few things on our list before we go

We are wrapping up our stay in Florida for the year. Besides walking on the beach and spending time with family, we have visited a few other spots in the vicinity the past few weeks. Paul picked out some pictures and I'll just add a little narration as I see what he has chosen. Here goes!

The Marie Selby Botanical Gardens in Sarasota was on our list of must sees this winter. They specialize in the study of epiphytes.

Obviously, the orchids are always a favorite of ours.

Where there are orchids, you will find Paul and Barb.

Paul, of course, easily rattled off all of the correct names as we walked through.

Me? I just say, "Oh, look at that spotted one over here! Wow!"

The gardens and grounds are incredible. Look at the root structure on these fig trees.

We went on a boat tour on the Myakka River, right by our campground, with Kent and Margie and her sister, Karen, brother-in-law, Jeff and nephew, Steve, who were visiting from Iowa.

This was another "must do" on our list. Just think, this guy lives two minutes from where we are staying!

There were a few more of his friends out there to greet us as we slid by in the boat.

They filmed Tarzan movies here in the 50's. It makes me want to watch them again to see if we recognize the river. I think it is beautiful!

We toured the Clyde Butcher Studio here in Venice and went to listen to him speak. Clyde is an incredible photographer/artist who lives in Venice and specializes in photographing outdoor scenery and specifically, the cypress swamps of the Everglades. Paul was fascinated with his photography studio. I was amazed they let us walk around and look at it! Next year, we want to take one of his swamp walks. We have family members who are freaked out by that concept, but that is another story!

After the lecture, we went with Beth and Gary to the North Jetty to watch the people, boats and dolphins.

And then we stopped at the Tiki Bar for a cold one. Life is rich!

The four of us also went to Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary this week. Paul and I visited last January with Tom and Jayne. We had put it on our list for this March, because we wanted to see Spring in the cypress swamp. Luckily, it had rained the night before, so the resurrection fern were everywhere.

If you ever find yourself in the Naples area, go to Corkscrew Swamp.

Look very carefully, you can see a snake in the water lettuce. Paul, what was the name of that snake again?

Oh, yeah, a Florida Banded Water Snake. That's what they told us while we were watching it from the board walk. I only know garter snakes, being from the northern tundra and all. Do you think we'll see one next year when we actually go walking right in the water?

I can hardly wait! Talk to you soon.


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Gorgeous pics! I love how Paul knows the names of all the flowers! So impressive!

I don't think I'd be brave enough to do a swamp tour on foot... I am petrified of snakes - even harmless garter snake!

qwerkyqook said...

Don't sell yourself short, you also know the red belly. Dad what's the real name for that one?

Marlys said...

Those orchids are phenomenal! When I look at them, I know there is a God! Such perfection! I think the swamp hike would be interesting! We lived on the edge of one when we lived in Virginia, but I never did hike in it. I did find a dead snake under our recliner, though! Glad it was dead when I found it! Enjoy the last days in Florida! Give my kids a hug when you see them tomorrow!

Abby said...

I just can't get over those orchids! I neeed to move to Florida so I can have a mini-orchid garden that I can gaze at....

That snake chills me. It's "snake season" here right now. Every time I come home at night, and it's dark outside, and I heart rattling in the bush next to my car -- I run and skitter away in fear.....

Glad you guys are taking in the last days in Florida to the fullest!