Monday, March 7, 2011

Go Twins!

We went to a Twins game last Saturday afternoon.

A friend of Kent and Margie has season tickets to the Tampa Bay Rays, who play in Port Charlotte at Charlotte Sport Park, which is 20 minutes from Venice.

The stadium has been nicely renovated in recent years. We arrived early to watch some batting and infield practice.

Paul and I had seats right by third base.

After a couple of innings there, we moved down by Kent and Margie, who were sitting right behind home plate. We could really watch the bonding between the ump and the batters.

And, we could tell the ump if we agreed how he called the pitches. Kent was very good at that!

Twins won! Great day. Awesome seats! Thanks Kent and Margie! Glad your friend wasn't using them!

Next, we want to go to Fort Myers and watch the Twins at their "home" stadium. We'll talk to you soon. There's a botanical garden around here somewhere...


Marlys said...

Green grass, baseball, and sun! Wow - makes me more anxious for summer than ever! I can almost hear Kent reprimanding the ump! Sounds like a great day!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Sounds like a lovely day! Aw, a sun visor. I can't wait until I need one of them. But given how fast time is flying, summer will be here before I know it. this is what I keep telling myself!