Friday, October 15, 2010

A delightful gift

I am trying to be conscious about buying (or not) buying books because I have so many, especially cookbooks. I recently made the leap to read ebooks on my iphone. The screen is a bit small, but I am not able to afford an ipad for awhile. Actually, I like that the library comes right to me.

My niece, Lisa, and I are planning our second annual "Julia Child Night." What a fun way to bring family together.

As we began to make our Julia inspired menu plans, Paul reminded me I still had a gift certificate from the summer theatre cast. I had forgotten! And, of course, he had already researched how much the books he knew I wanted would cost. Real books. Hard covers and everything! I love books. Really love books.

My gift arrived in yesterday's mail.

I forced myself to wait until I had all my (self assigned) tasks done for the day. Here is where I should mention I love being my own boss!!!  When my boss self said I was excused, I sat down and carefully opened the first book. As a child, on the rare occasion we were assigned a brand new textbook, it was a HUGE deal. New books were treated with extreme care. I remember being instructed to carefully open a new book in the center and carefully go through the pages and gently press down so the binding would not break as we used the book. I don't know if it helps, but that is what I always do with a new book.

I am fully aware this set of cookbooks is dated material and their recipes were written for "rigorous" cooks. I have other Julia books, ones she wrote in America after her time in France. But this first book was the one that started her career and led to her television show, which I LOVED as a child. I have never completely read these books, although I have checked them out of the library as references.

Now they are in MY library. I am pleased to own them.

I appreciate this gift. It is delightful. Thanks to those wonderful people with whom I spend my summers.

And, poor Lisa. I sent her about a dozen emails yesterday as I obsessed about our menu.

Good times.

Because Paul teases me about my use of cartoons, I'll close with this:

I hope to hear from him today. Off to the gym!


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Well I loved all the emails I got yesterday! I am so super excited for this night! It is goign to be fun. I might need to buy a beret to wear for the event. :) Just to make sure I feel extra French. :)

Tom has no idea who Julia Child is... How is that possible? I have tried explaining her, but I couldn't come up with the words to explain this wonderful woman. So I am going to add a couple of her show dvds to my Netflix queue and then I want us to watch Julie & Julia together. I read that book shortly before going to France so I think it was step 1 in falling in love w/ that country.

So exciting! I love getting new books - esp hardcover ones. It was so rare to get them when I was in school, so I know the feeling you describe.

So excited for our soiree! :)

B and B said...

I love you, Lisa!

Berets! What a wonderful idea!

Abby said...

I definitely remember the excitement in school of getting new books. I also loved getting our "Modern Science" books, looking through the names of past owners, and seeing my brother Chad of Kevin's name.

Real up-to-date education I received at WHS ;)

I have to say hearing about your annual get-together makes me sad to be living in Tucson :( Enjoy your Julia Child cook books and new world of recipes :)

Marlys said...

I just know how exciting it was to open that first book and you deserved the gift as that production was lots of work! I am so glad to have been able to attend it! Now I am getting so excited about the soiree! What do you have all planned? Mmm, Mmmm, Mmmm! I even searched the internet for French desserts - and chocolate crepes struck me! Also, creme bulee would be wonderful but not easy for a big crowd!