Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Thinking ahead

There's a storm upon us out there. It's not often there are warnings issued that the wind could carry away a small dog.

We from the northern lands know how to hunker and stay warm. 

While we avoid the elements outside, Paul and I find we are focused on Florida. The locale is calling us. This morning we bought a waterproof container for my iphone so when we go to the beach it will be protected from the wind, salt water and sand. 

I can see us now. Hanging with the family at Oscar Scherer.

Countless hours sifting for shark teeth.

Living our simple existence in our "cabin on wheels."

Oops. Wind gust. Back to

Time to put another log on the fire!


Marlys said...

Loved this blog post! It sounds insanely cruel out there, doesn't it? I wonder if we will break records with the barometric pressure low reading? I'm never ready for the first snow, especially in October! I was painting our back shed last Friday evening in a t-shirt and now a winter coat doesn't even feel warm enough out in that wind!

Abby said...

Ryan & I watched the news tonight....and your sad, sad, midwest forecast was discussed by OUR clueless Tucsonan meterologists....

Our hearts hurt for you. As we just got in from a walk around the lake, where we found ourselves "complaining" that, "Gee, it sure is warm out for October."

Florida is calling your name!!

Or Arizona!! ;)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...


Ok, I am kidding. I suppose I should continue to work...

I left my patio door open today. It was 56 degrees in my condo when I got home tonight. Whoops.

~~Mike~~ said...

While we are sitting here in Florida, feeling for all the world like we are in a sauna, all I can do is look forward to going west here in a week :) I am not used to the heat and humidity at all! The weather in much of the country isn't looking to appealing at the moment either though so I guess we are doing better than many. Stay safe out there in the crazy weather, hope you get where you want to be soon!

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