Tuesday, October 12, 2010

This is different

Paul left early yesterday on a guy trip

to do some camping in Utah.

He'll be gone for ten days.  He and I have not been separated for this long since before we had children. So, this will be different.  I am

However, Suzanne had a rare day off yesterday, so she and I spent the afternoon together visiting here in our living room. And Nick just walked in the door this morning and poured himself a cup of coffee, so it's not as though I am isolated. However, this could be it as far as appearances from those two for the rest of the week.

I am excited for Paul.  I miss him already, although he thought I was anxious for him to leave. I just couldn't believe a person could organize and pack and repack and agonize over every detail. 

Packing is one of his things. Ask me about grocery shopping with him sometime.

Sunday night, he finally had an out of body experience where he looked at himself and realized he needed to quit repacking and admit he was ready. Whew! 

I have learned so much living with him. He goes through his days quite differently than I go through mine. And yet, we work very well together.

So, my week isn't very planned. What will it be like without Paul here?

I have already discovered I talk out loud to myself. 



Abby said...

Wow! It will be a change for the next 10 days. Hope you're able to get some nice relaxing quiet time. And that is not tooo quiet!

I had to laugh at the packing-repacking-packing bit. :)

I only let Ryan come to the grocery store with me on special occasions & weekends now. His meticulous price/oz comparing drives me batty.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Wow! How interesting that this will be your longest time apart! I bet you are realy going to miss him!!

I can sort of relate to Paul's packing obsession. My friend amber sort of giggled at me on our trip since I am a super anal packer and everything has to be 'just so' in my suitcase... I really enjoy the packing process and love trying to maximize the space. But I am sure Paul still kicks my butt in that dept...

Can't wait to hear about his trip!

Marlys said...

This will be such a fun, or maybe sad, blog while Paul is gone! I'm sure you will get very lonely, but his return will be so exciting! I have not been away from Paul for very long since he was in the Navy, and those times were grueling! I have so much respect for familes of our soldiers who are left alone for months on end, and even more for widows and widoweres! I'll be thinking of you, but am looking forwarad to Paul's blog of the trip when he returns!