Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Chewy Date Pinwheels

This morning as I worry for Suzanne as she writes her Step 2 Clinical Knowledge Boards, I baked Mom's Chewy Date Pinwheel cookies.  I don't remember eating this cookie as a child,  but I do remember tasting them at the Reile's Acres house. If anyone else remembers them or has made them, would you please let me know? They turned out pretty well, although I don't think they'd win a blue ribbon at the 4-H Fair.  The taste and texture are excellent, but the appearance needs some work.  Especially in the batch I didn't picture!

If you do try these cookies, and I highly recommend you do, be sure to cool the date filling very well before you place it on the cookie dough.  On my first roll of the two the recipe makes, the filling was still too warm and the cookie dough started to melt as I rolled it. I think I might have heard Mom tsk-tsking me as I frantically tried to rectify the problem.  That batch doesn't look like pinwheels.  I would call them more of a "Chewy Date Mélange".  Taste good, but pretty darn ugly!

Well, back to worrying. She is three hours into the nine hour exam. I hope I make it! Whew!

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Abby and Ryan said...

I love how you pictured Grandma tsk-tsking. So true! I get that in my head during some of my kitchen disasters! I have never had pinwheels before!

Hope your family had a great Christmas! Hope Suzanne's test went well. 9 hours sounds inhumane!