Thursday, December 17, 2009

It's All About Nick

Today is all about Nick. He is a college graduate. I have the pictures to prove it! 

He has had his degree from the University of St. Thomas since last summer.  He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and he has had his diploma for months now.

However,  I waited until today to write about it because I wanted a picture with him in his cap and gown. This was not high on Nick's priority list, trust me. He had absolutely no interest in attending his graduation ceremony.  As a result, the photo opportunity slipped away from us last spring when he would have walked.  We watched for the St. Thomas winter graduation ceremony to make a trip to the University book store and pick up a cap and gown to make old mom happy. Tomorrow is the ceremony, today was our day.

He was such a good sport about this. Nick is a great person and I love him so much.

He puts up with my constant worrying (for the most part).  And, he takes our demands in stride, like when we asked him to walk around campus for more pictures.  Oh, Nick over here by that pretty sculpture in front of the library!

And, let's take another shot in front of the mall.

Besides being a dear son, he also is a good brother to Suzanne and she loves him dearly.

And now, his future is wide open.

But, like many people his age, he is wondering what is out there for him.

The job market hasn't been welcoming to many of our young people who are ready to make a contribution.

All he needs is to get his foot in the door.

In the meantime, Nick works as a server at Longfellow Grill. And, he also keeps busy with his band, 

Hang onto your dreams!

There will be an opportunity soon for him, I just know. Thanks for today, Nick. You are a wonderful young man.


qwerkyqook said...

very nice post mom! The pictures are hilarious, you really captured your worried and nicks, yea whatever looks. I also like how your sculpture pic actually looks like nick has scantly clad women circling his mind. Anyways, congrats to a well done job nickle.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Great post! Love the pics - he is a good sport!!! Glad you got some cap & gown photos!

And here's hoping the job market improves VERY soon!!

Abby and Ryan said...

Congratulations, Nick! Great post!! :) He's definitely a good sport for posing all those pictures.

It's so neat seeing snow!! I forget about that stuff. I'll be reminded on Wednesday when we land in ND.

Great post! :)

Jennifer said...

I love this post. You have a beautiful family. The warmth comes right through the pictures.