Sunday, December 20, 2009

Our Dinner Group

We had our dinner group here last night. 

Here is our menu with links to the recipes:


First Course

Podere Il Caio

Second Course

Fontana Candida Frascatti

Main Course


Assorted Liqueurs

I forgot the most important thing, though.  We didn't take any pictures of our friends, Dave and Pam Jaye and Joe and Char Koppi!  They're the best part!!!  I love them. We appreciate and support each other in our cooking efforts. And, one can always count on great conversation and happy evenings with this group. I learn something every time we are together! It is so wonderful to have these dear people in our lives. We get to have dinner at the Jaye's before we leave for Florida.  I can hardly wait!

Today is Suzanne's birthday and we are making her a gluten free poppy seed birthday cake we will deliver to her this afternoon. Back to the kitchen!! This will be a busy week, but one I am looking forward to immensely. Enjoy each day!

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Wow - what a menu!! Very impressive. Your table looks gorgeous!

I hope the poppyseed cake turns out great - I am sure it will, though. Suzanne mentioned that a couple times at Thanksgiving as an item she really missed so that is awesome you found a GF way to make it!!