Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day Three: We are in Florida!

We were on the road from Perry, Georgia by 6:15 this morning, anxious to get to an RV park to make our "winterized" camper liveable. We stopped at a truck wash somewhere along the freeway in southern Georgia to remove the road salt and grime we had accumulated along the way. The camper and truck looked much happier after that job was accomplished!

We drove 344 miles today, from Perry to Ruskin, Florida, which is a little south of Tampa.

Today's miles were considerably fewer than what we drove on Tuesday and Wednesday. Our reservations for Oscar Scherer State Park begin on Monday, January 18.  We used our Woodall's Campground Guide to locate an RV park in Florida where we could stop for a few days.  Our plan was to get settled and "dewinterize" before our stay in the state park.

We settled on River Oaks RV Resort located on the Little Manatee River. We are holding our opinion on the park until we get settled.  We have a nice little site, right across the road from a canal.

As soon as we stopped at our spot and got out of the truck, we were met by the campground "welcoming" committee. One woman of rather advanced age and four elderly gentlemen, two of whom rode up on big tricycles, were immediately there to offer their guidance as we backed into the site. They even decided the first site assigned to us was not good enough and one of them marched to the office to demand we be allowed to switch to a site they deemed a better choice. Paul and I really could have announced we were going to take a little stroll around the campground and they would have been perfectly content to do everything for us. We really enjoyed the experience.  As we unpacked the truck and worked to set up, they popped open their cans of Budweiser, sat  down in their lawn chairs and watched and offered comments to us along the way. What a fun time!

Tonight, we are pretty exhausted. We pushed pretty hard in the past two days to get to warm weather. We are not disappointed. It was a beautiful 68ºF when we arrived.  We are mostly unpacked and the plumbing has been flushed of the antifreeze. The rest of the work will wait until tomorrow. We are feeling so relaxed. Not everyone could be comfortable in a small space like this, but we think it is just right!  Tomorrow we will finish getting settled and will start exploring this area we will call home for the next three days.


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Welcome to Florida! I am glad you made it there safely!

Quite the welcoming committee!!

Thanks for the daily updates - so fun to follow along with your travels!

qwerkyqook said...

tricycle riding welcoming committee...did they have big shoes and red noses? sounds like a hoot. All's well in MN, balmy 30 today :)

Jennifer said...

How road weary were you when you saw the people on giant tricycles show up at your trailer? ; )

So glad you made it!

You deserve the sunshine!

Take care,


Sam said...

Yay! You made it to Florida! You came at a good time since the freak "cold snap" is just on it's way out of the South. Hello sunshine and palm trees! :)

Enjoy your RV and this beautiful way of life.

I hope your travels don't in interfere with you posting your delicious recipes and pictures of food! lol

B and B said...

We're never too far away from a good meal! In fact, I noticed a vegetable stand nearby today....