Friday, January 8, 2010

Is he anxious for us to leave?

Nick was here today and started up the snowblower.

And worked to clear a path around the camper.

Do you think he might be anxious for us to leave? Just kidding. He offered to help clear the last snowfall from the driveway.

Looking at it out there in our frozen yard, it's hard to believe we will be soon be living in our camper for 3 months.

Starting next week, this will be our home. The adventure begins!


Marlys said...

How far will you go before spending the first night in the camper? I bet it's tough getting it loaded when it's so cold! We will be waiting for your blogs with great anticipation! Have a great trip! I assume Nick is feeling better? Sure hope so!

B and B said...

We probably will stay our first night in the middle of Illinois, our second night in Georgia. Then, we will find a park in Florida on the third day and set up the camper. We have everything out there we need to take, but it will take us at least one full day to get it dewinterized and things moved into their proper places. Our reservations in Venice start on Monday, January 18th, one week from today. Nick is well, thanks for asking. He will be living here in our absence, so we don't have to worry about the house.