Saturday, January 16, 2010

Living In Our Camper

When we are home in Minnesota and we take the camper to one of our usual spots, a Minnesota State Park, Paul and I are camping. So, our space in the North Trail has been used accordingly.  However, now, I guess we are officially snowbirds.

There is a difference between camping and living in one's camper. There are people who do not understand this concept. They believe because we live in a camper, we are actually scavenging in the woods for fuel to cook our dinners and slicing meat off a stick hanging over an open fire. Rather Neanderthal, if you will.

When we arrived in our present location near Tampa, we knew we had to make the transition from campers to "semi-full timers." It was so cold in Minnesota when we were packing, we just filled the camper with our stuff. When we opened the camper here, we stood and looked at what we needed to unpack into our small space and felt a bit like this:

So, we set to work to scrub and clean and organize our space, inside and out. We received a few comments from our resident sages as we were organizing our shoes out on the patio.

"Good Lord! How many pairs of shoes do you need?" Okay. Three months worth. I thought I narrowed it down quite well, thank you very much!

After the outdoor storage areas were reorganized, we turned to the inside. This required a bit of a paradigm shift. We have had our travel trailer for 1 1/2 years and have grown used to where we have things placed. We had to rethink and repack so all we needed for living in our camper for three months would find a home.

We were, surprisingly, quite successful! We are feeling pretty comfortable! We will be able to settle in a bit more when we get to our "permanent" spot in Venice, but things feel pretty good around here!

Well, Paul just came in from outside. Honestly, he was shat upon by a vulture. There are hundreds of them circling overhead.

There must be a dead wooly mammoth out there somewhere!  Talk to you soon.


Marlys said...

Wow, I wished my house looked that organized! Amazing! I love the pictures of your 3 "stooges", or should I say fellow campers! They are too sweet! Nothing like being watched like a hawk, or should I say "Vulture"! I bet that wasn't a sweet experience! Blogging is great!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I love it. Thanks for the photo of the three men. My fave is the one in the hat. Bet you loved being 'supervised'.

Your place looks great!!

Jennifer said...

You've got to love any post the uses the word shat.

Great cartoons, but paradigm shift was my favorite!