Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Brother David

Everybody should be so fortunate to have an older brother like mine. My brother, David, was my hero when we were kids. I was so proud to be his sister. I even kept a scrapbook of all of his basketball games when we were in high school. He worked hard for my Dad and was the ultimate role model to my four younger brothers. He is truly a good person. Dave and my sister-in-law, Rosie, have faced incredible sadness through the death of their precious son, Christopher. We all miss him so much. Yet, Dave and Rosie demonstrate to our family how to be strong and to look forward to live a good life. My brother continues to be a role model to all of us.

They have many blessings. Last Saturday we were able to enjoy those blessings with Dave and Rosie. It  was Dave's 61st birthday. Their oldest daughter, Missy and her husband, Zuel, who live in Fargo, had a baby girl three weeks ago. They were there that evening with their newborn.

Her name is Edythe. Quite honestly, she is perfect! I held her that evening for a long time and she filled my heart with happiness.

Dave and Rosie's daughter, Jessica, and her husband, James, also live in Fargo. They were at Dave's Saturday evening as well.

They have two daughters. Meredith, who is a very bright two year old.

And sweet Lila, born last February. We had never met Lila. Another joyous moment in my life!

Also there to share in the celebration was Jessica's twin, Jennifer, and her husband, Eric, who live in Virginia.

Their son, Broderick, was also born last February. He is a beautiful and bright little boy. We had not met Broderick, either. Another happy moment in my life!

Three beautiful daughters with great husbands and four beautiful grandchildren. And they all were there for Dave's birthday. Rosie had a table full of food to keep the party going. She is a loving grandmother!

And, to make it an even greater evening, six of our eight siblings were together. Fun, fun, fun!  I don't remember the last time we were together on Dave's birthday. Maybe 1966? Too long. We missed Beth and Kent, as they are in sunny Florida.

Jessica and Jennifer hosted a huge shower the next day for baby Edythe and Melissa. Ede sailed through all of the festivities like a true pro. Maybe next summer she will help her dad be "Superfan" at a Saints game!!!

Everyone needs a hero. I am lucky to have one in my life! Happy Birthday, Dave. And Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!


Dasy T said...

It truly is a blessing to have a loving & supportive family. Thanks for sharing. :)

mary beth said...

What a beautiful tribute, Barb. I wish we could have been there.

Jennifer said...

I didn't know you were one of eight. So am I! (I am number six.)

Lovely post.


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Beautiful post! I can see why you looked up to Dave when you were growing up. He has such a big heart.

And wow, Ede is so so so cute! As are all Dave & Rosie's grandkids!!

Jamie and Missy said...

This is a fantastic post, Barb. It is an amazing family to be a part of, and I am grateful for every last one. Hope your Thanksgiving was full of good eats and peeps.

Marlys said...

That was absoulutely beautiful, Barb! Thanks for saying what is in all our hearts. Dave, if you have the chance to read this, know that you are our hero!

Abby said...

Beautiful post, Barb! And such truth! Dave a wonderful person, and they have an incredible family!