Sunday, November 7, 2010

Second Annual Julia Soirée

Last night we hosted our second annual "Julia Child Night." I collaborate with my niece, Lisa, the daughter of my sister, Marlys, to plan the menu and the guest list. Lisa and I have bonded through our shared interests and I am thankful for our relationship. I hope we will continue this tradition for years.

And, although I "toiled" in the kitchen for two days preparing the meal, I enjoyed every minute I spent learning the recipes we chose from the book "Mastering the Art of French Cooking."

I loved Ms. Child even before all the recent hoopla. I remember watching her on  television in the 1960's.

Our Julia inspired menu featured beef bourguignon for the main course and chocolate mousse for dessert.

Too preoccupied to capture the evening in pictures, I relied on Lisa to snap shots for her blog. We served dinner to fifteen adults and four children, all family and extended family whom we love dearly.

Unfortunately, my recipe site is not working correctly today, so I will share our recipes later.

Today, I decided my

I talked Paul into Chinese take-out.  Bon appétit, or 好胃口!


Abby said...

I have to say this is one of those moments where I really REALLY wish we lived closer :(!!

Sounds like you guys had a wonderful time, and from the raving reviews -- the food was incredible!

I am guilty of being a "cliche" fan of Julia. But one of my "to-make" recipes this winter is beef bourguignon.

Oh said...

Had to stop by and say "hello" because I know of Lisa through my daughter Nora's blog...and stories! The two of them have been blog friends for quite some time and this summer, they got together for a blog meet up in Lisa's town.
So hello, and congrats on a beautiful family event - what a great idea. I'm a fan of Julia as well though I'm not a cook per se. Except when I'm really hungry - then I can cook anything! But it looks like Nora is goin to be the family chef - she's a heck of a baker already.
I have to think that if I weren't working full time, I'd be far more in love with the kitchen and all the fancies that can come out of it. In the meantime, we find inspiration everywhere and yes, you've inspired us! You made me laugh with your comment about going out for Chinese food this evening!
Thanks for sharing here....

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

We had such a fun night!! Thanks so much for opening up your house and kitchen - and slaving away for us! The food was to die for! Another successful year! :)

I took quite a few photos - now I just need to make time to sit down, go through them, and write a post! It's Tom's birthday this week and we have birthday celebration plans on Wed, Fri, and Sat night. Lucky guy gets 3 nights of celebration!

Have a great week - put your feet up and relax! You def earned some R&R!

Marlys said...

I so appreciate the hard work you did for this meal! I think I'm like you in that even though it is hard work, I love to cook and especially for people who appreciate it! I'm so glad you got to eat Chinese! Once again, thanks so much for a delightful time!

mary beth said...

Thank you to you, Lisa, and Paul for a wonderful evening. The salad was one of the best I have ever enjoyed. Everything was superb. I can still taste the chocolate in the mousse. I would say thank you in French, but not sure of the spelling....