Sunday, November 28, 2010

Please let this be over, now!

I am a voracious reader. Reading was one of the activities I most anxiously anticipated when I headed into my retirement.

I peruse

best seller list to choose which books to reserve at the library.

Earlier this week, I stepped outside of my usual fiction genre to try a book about a post-apocalyptic vampire infested world. If an author is good and can draw me in, I am consumed by the story.

This morning, Paul said to me, "Why do you keep reading that book? You aren't enjoying it." Yikes!

 Once I got past the fact he reads my mind, I agreed. What was I thinking?

I won't even watch a movie if I know it is the least bit scary or sad.  I had read several hundred depressing and dismal pages. Enough. Back to my own little bubble.

New book today.

Why do people read that stuff?


~~Mike~~ said...

Very funny! My wife can read my mind too! I don't know the answer though, I find myself reading stuff and wondering why quite often!

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Marlys said...

I can understand. I think we heard the phrase - "finish what you start" so much growing up, that we just have to try to live up to it even if it isn't a good idea! I'm glad Paul brought the sanity back! Another thing to be thankful for this Thanksgiving!